Grab-Song 0.1.2

NoArtSteamFox and I have pushed the newest update to Grab-Song!

From the OBS Studio update post:

Thank you to all who downloaded and use this tool. It means a lot to us! We’re past 200 downloads!

Well, folks, the cat’s outta the bag:

I am pleased to announce that not only have the last bugs in the configuration system been fixed, but we are continuing the project for the foreseeable future!

Version 0.1.2, folks! This brings an end to the previously broken (sorry) and buggy (again, sorry) configuration system, and adds a first run message and help text for those who may have forgotten to supply a media player argument. .

Thanks again for using this tool! We hope you will continue to enjoy using it as much as we enjoy creating and updating it.


~The Grab-Song Team

What a wonderful day!

Today is a particularly important one for me. When I look in the mirror, I didn’t hate what I saw. I didn’t think that there was a gross abomination staring back at me. I saw a beautiful young woman staring back at me with her sparkly blue eyes. I saw frizzy, curly hair framing a smiling face, and I didn’t think it ugly. I didn’t see any of the features as detracting or awful; I saw me.

To a lot of people this is probably silly, but to myself and others who have body image issues, this is the most wonderful thing to have happened to me in a very long time.

Network Shuffling

Due to some wonky things going on, I needed to delete my GitHub account, as well as a few other networks. I have recreated them, some with different names (as mandated by that network).

I am re-publishing all of my code that was on GitHub as new repositories, which means that my commit histories are gone1)this is intentional. I’m also taking this time to do major refactors on my projects like harbinger and my Linux customizations Being that this is a new account, there is no list of existing issues.

   [ + ]

1. this is intentional

First Record of Amelia Packett

Going through some of my old notes, I found the first mention of one of my favorite original characters: Amelia Packett. She is an AI enthusiast that worked various jobs, and runs Packett Logistics, a company set up as a gray-market mover and front for her less-than-legal pursuits. In my more current notes, I noticed that Packett has a Pocket Companion that she calls “Aida,” and I didn’t remember exactly where this came from. She is very fond of Aida, often seen talking to it as a mother would a child, or a lover to their partner.

During one of her learning excursions abroad, she worked as an unlicensed AI architect for Senπ Corporation, a premier AI boutique in Neo Kanto (関東地方). The birthplace of Amelia Packett was in a PR summary for the Senπ Corporation. (English translation below.)

私 たちの会社は2944年に設立されました。また、メンテナンス条件を改善するために人工知能やロボット工学の使用に関する論文を発表した。それは、 AIDAという名前です。名前は「Artificial Intelligence Diagnostics Assistant」を意味する。


Senπ Corporation
Our company was founded in 2944. In addition, it was published a paper on the use of artificial intelligence and robotics in order to improve the maintenance conditions. It is named AIDA, which means “Artificial Intelligence Diagnostics Assistant.”

It is sometimes called “Super-cute Artificial Girl AIDA” by otaku pilots. People believe Ms. Packett started this trend.