Bringing Tracery to Harbinger (and Python)

I’ve been poking away at implementing Tracery in Python, and found that someone else has already done it. This is a great exercise for me, so I am going to continue to implement it in my own way. Originally this was just a silly idea, but I am now doing this to create a Tracery plugin for harbinger.

My harbinger bot plugins are very sparse and their output is dissatisfying. I mean, they work well enough for basic bots, but I don’t want basic bots. The bots are a set of text files, which the plugin is hard-coded to use.1)I know better, yet I still hard code bullshit. It is very much not sustainable or a good use of my time and resources. In the middle of my planning out a system for generating output, I came across Tracery.

Tracery JSON files are much easier to edit for a non-programmer, and by virtue of Tracery, are infinitely more expandable than plain, static text files. To see what Tracery can do, there is an interactive tutorial.

My goal is to make a harbinger plugin that can use the same Tracery JSON as, say, Cheap Bots, Done Quick! or other various projects, without having to use node or any other javascript.

The first bot to benefit from this plugin will be @oppibella‘s @_oppibot. I am also porting unnamed projects to harbinger and Tracery. I’ll put them online in the near future.

   [ + ]

1. I know better, yet I still hard code bullshit.

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