Grab-Song 0.1.2

NoArtSteamFox and I have pushed the newest update to Grab-Song!

From the OBS Studio update post:

Thank you to all who downloaded and use this tool. It means a lot to us! We’re past 200 downloads!

Well, folks, the cat’s outta the bag:

I am pleased to announce that not only have the last bugs in the configuration system been fixed, but we are continuing the project for the foreseeable future!

Version 0.1.2, folks! This brings an end to the previously broken (sorry) and buggy (again, sorry) configuration system, and adds a first run message and help text for those who may have forgotten to supply a media player argument. .

Thanks again for using this tool! We hope you will continue to enjoy using it as much as we enjoy creating and updating it.


~The Grab-Song Team

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