Workflow Changes in 2016

My workflow has kinda changed this year:

  • Xubuntu 16.04 (without xfce installed, swapped for cinnamon) instead of Linux Mint Debian Edition
  • Keybase filesystem (KBFS) to better encrypt/decrypt files
  • Synergy so I can use my keyboard and mouse between desktop and laptop
  • Atom editor replaces Sublime, which I am happy about
  • I primarily use IRC still, but some teams use Slack and Discord, which is a bummer
  • TweetDeck is still a pinned tab, but I am working on a bot to replace it
  • I had to create a Skype account to work with a client 🙁
  • Migrated away from pelican (again) to WordPress because I’m a lazy girl
  • I use a webmail client until I set up Nylas sync engine to use N1
  • Flash is not on any of my machines
  • My mobile runs on a modified CyanogenMod13 with pico gapps to get rid of TouchWiz and other carrier grossness
  • ownCloud has become even more integral to my backup plan
  • So many aliases for bash now!
  • Python virtualenvwrapper has been a life saver
  • Ditched default terminal emulators and am using UXTerm until I find something that makes me happy

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